We are a global sisterhood that connects women through circles. We create safe spaces to share our true selves. Meeting in circles, we find our voices, claim our power, and celebrate self-worth, leading to personal and planetary transformation.


……to Gather the Women of Nevada County and adjoining communities. We are an affiliate of Gather the Women Global Matrix and one of 40 regions nationally and internationally.

We invite you to gather in circle, nurture your soul, awaken your spirit, and build community with women.

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Thank you to all who helped  to make the Nevada County’s International Women’s Day 2014 a huge success.
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GTWNC Circle Creation Meeting
Monday, April 14th, 6:45 – 9:00 pm
Nevada City, CA
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Circle Leadership Teleseminar
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(On the Comstock, Virginia City, NV 12/21/13)
Judith Hurley Prosser

Women hiked the hill
To gather in circle,
“Blessings Not Blasting”.
Earth moving machines growled
“When Women Rise
Mountains Move”.
Other prayers were offered.

 The man from the mine came
To see what was up and
Returned to turn off the machine.
Each woman shared gifts
Of water, soil, plants, seeds,
Visions for pure water supplies,
Healing blessings for Mother Earth.
The circle closed with
“Women Rise, Women Rise,
Women Wake, Women Wake.”
The offerings were placed
On the gouged Earth.
Hiking back they sang
“The Earth is our Mother,
We must take care of her.”
And the Sheriff was there
To witness our safe passage.

2013 Gather The Women Global Matrix Annual Gathering
September 22-25, 2013 at Lake Tahoe


Worldwide Circles Connect Us into a Global Matrix of Support
By Gabrielle Pullen

The opening water ceremony brought water from some of the oldest Gather the Women Circles. The women carefully poured water from glass vials, from tupperware, from jam jars, from places far and near. Africa, Oregon, Arizona, Nevada, from the beaches of England to the shores of the Pacific Ocean. From Alaska to Manitoba. The water as symbol of that which binds us, from womb to infant, from continent to continent, from the Finger Lakes to the Gulf of Mexico, forming a powerful, freely flowing medium that moves and gives, shapes and lives without concern for man-made laws. It has its own path. It forms 80 percent of our bodies. It symbolizes the fluidity and the emergence of gestation from the depths of darkness, grace from the movement of unexplained emotion, manifestation from the unknown to the known.

The Global Matrix met on the Shores of Lake Tahoe, where the wind whipped the fir trees and the white caps appeared and disappeared in mute testimony to invisible power. This is what was said, at least a part of it: That if women had a voice, how different would things be in the Middle East – that place where women are not only silenced but hidden from view. Or, I don’t want my daughter or my son to grow up in a world where the contribution of women is paid only lip service. Or, its not just women, but men, who suffer because women are suppressed, depressed, dispossessed of their own confidence in speaking out. What are the answers? Let us commune in circle to find out. Let us gather, as women, to grow ourselves out of this powerful matrix into the inevitable leadership of women’s voices that will lead humanity from this precipice of disaster back home to an honoring of self, other, earth and sky…

GTW Global Matrix Vision Statement:
We are a global sisterhood that connects women through circles.  We create safe spaces to share our true selves.  Meeting in circle women find their voices, becoming empowered and realizing their self worth, leading to personal and planetary transformation.

Global GTW Circles
Globally GTW now has circles in the following countries in addition to the US and Canada:  Ireland, Uruguay, Portugal, Finland, The Netherlands, Pakistan, Italy, Australia, England, Belgium, Uganda, Switzerland, Spain, France, Germany, Sweden, Zimbabwe, Iraq, Scotland, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Columbia, Cameroun, Guatemala, Bermuda and New Zealand

Recommended Reading
Divine Duality – The Power of Reconciliation Between Women and Men, by William Keepin
To Be of Use, by Marge Percy, feminist poet
Falling Upward, A Spirituality for the Two Halves of Life, by Richard Rohr
The Athena Doctrine, by John Gerzema and Michael D’Antonio, How feminine values can solve our toughest problems and build a more prosperous future
Red Hot & Holy, A Heretic’s Love Story, by Sera Beak (everyone’s talking about this one online)
Dying to Be Me, My Journey From Cancer, To Near Death, To True Healing by Anita Moorjani
Soul Space, Transform Your Home, Transform Your Life, Declutter by Xorin Balbes
Dogs That Know When Their Owners Are Coming Home, by Rupert Sheldrake (on morphic fields)

Reflections on GTW Global Matrix Annual Gathering at Lake Tahoe
By Nancy Naumann

As Regional Coordinator, I am grateful for all 35 women co-creating our ignition for numerous visions, personal and planetary.

I am in awe of the TEAM: Nevada, North Bay, and Nevada County.  Aeron Miller and Heather MacAdam brought us the magic of movement and music, which was much appreciated. All of the nature elements presented themselves. A special thank you for Jacquie Weils and Margo Cooper, the gifting flower growers. Again, may the visions we hold for women around the planet be carried forth.


GTWNC Hub: Judith Hurley Prosser, Angie Lux, Marilyn Nyborg, Barbara Bitner, Sushila Mertens, Nancy Naumann

Gather the Women of Nevada County marched  with the Business and Professional Women of Nevada County and the American Association of University Women in the Constitution Day Parade to urge women to use the power of their vote to make a difference.  While GTW is not a political organization, we do know that for women’s issues to be addressed appropriately in this country, women need to be in political leadership.  We can only get women there by our votes.


View highlights from our Gather the Women March 8th International Women’s Day Celebration:

Click on logo for Marilyn Nyborg’s introduction, Sera Beak’s speech and Sista Monica’s music.

Video - International Women's Day 2012